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Krysten is a professional dancer and choreographer. She has created shows for, and performed in, some of London’s (and beyond) most prestigious institutions.

She is the creator and director of London School of Hula and ʻOri, a women and inclusive performing arts/dance group focused on building confidence, overall health, and empowerment through the art of cultural storytelling dances, specifically the Hawaiian Hula and ʻOri Tahiti. By using culture and community as the classroom, we improve harmony with the self, each other, and the world around us.
Members must share with each other, rely on each other, and, ultimately, trust each other, pulling lifestyle away from the self and placing importance on the community- a powerful necessity, especially in big cities. Through these methods, each member becomes accountable for the strength of the group and, in turn, the strength of the individual, making self worth more tangible.
LSHO creates a space that allows its members to be part of something bigger than themselves and encourages others to learn from the past, engage with the present, and create a brighter future.


The Royal Academy of Arts
The British Museum
The Royal Maritime Museum
Many More…

Heiva i Paris 2019 1st Place Mehura
Heiva i Paris 2019 3rd Place Ōteʻa
We have qualified to compete in the World Championships 2019 in Tahiti