The world’s a stage and we are merely magicians.

Old soul, died young. 

Boldly building atmospheres to deliver messages that stick. Creator and director of narrative arts projects, with a focus on film and photography, dance and performance.

What Krysten does is varied in delivery, but the string that ties it all together is her power to create. She brings into existence the things that we didn’t know we needed in order to teach us all how to value ourselves, each other and the world around us. An ever-curious explorer of the world, past, present and future, she is dedicated to learning and teaching, building and sharing.

Places you can find Krysten:
- In her studio, usually surrounded by many people, building, making, doing, and figuring out how to help others do so as well.
- On a film set or in an edit suite, focused on creating another piece to help educate through entertainment.
- Behind the camera, taking photographs of modern-day women.
- In the dance studio, empowering women through movement and culture.
- At a community or social event, bringing people together and encouraging her mini armies to pursue positive change in the world.
- With her loved ones, refueling.


"Krysten makes films that people want to fall into."
- Not a film critic

Krysten’s storytelling style is classic and commercial, with a charmingly wistful twist. Juxtaposing the colour and spark with the brooding and dark, she often explores childhood and death, within the same breath, to create a deep sense of nostalgia.

Most of her favorite films come from Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, Richard Linklater, Taika Waititi, and Disney.

Krysten’s intention through film is to reflect on just how magical the joys and sorrows of life can be.
Her award-winning films are shown and archived in some of the most prestigious institutions (MoMA NYC) and have also been included in some of the top film markets (Clermont-Ferrand). Curriculum has been built around her films to be used as education tools for children and families. 


Outside of film, Krysten has created London School of Hula and ʻOri, a women and inclusive performing arts/dance group focused on developing a relationship with the past, present, and future, and improving harmony with the self, each other, and the world around us, all by engaging in the cultural arts. Members must share with each other, rely on each other, and, ultimately, trust each other, pulling lifestyle away from the self and placing importance on the community- a powerful necessity, especially in big cities. Through these methods, each member becomes accountable for the strength of the group and, in turn, the strength of the individual, making self worth more tangible.
In other words, LSHO creates a space that allows its members to be part of something bigger than themselves.





She also takes photographs of women all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds, with the intention of normalising the many multifaceted paths of womanhood and dismantling the outdated ideas of what constitutes femininity.



Representation for Film/TV:
101 Finsbury Pavement
London EC2A 1RS
+44 (0) 20 7439 1456

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