"Krysten makes films that people want to fall into."
- Not a film critic

The world’s a stage and [we] are merely magicians.
Old soul, died young. 

Krysten’s intention through film is to reflect on just how magical the joys and sorrows of life can be.
Her award-winning films are shown and archived in some of the most prestigious institutions (MoMA NYC) and have also been included in some of the top film markets (Clermont-Ferrand). Curriculum has been built around her films to be used as education tools for children and families. 

Krysten’s storytelling style is classic and commercial, with a charmingly wistful twist. Juxtaposing the colour and spark with the brooding and dark, she often explores childhood and death, within the same breath, to create a deep sense of nostalgia.
Most of her favorite films come from Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, and Disney.

Outside of film, Krysten runs a women and inclusive performing arts/dance group focused on developing confidence, culture and harmony. She also takes photographs of women all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds.

She is usually talking, too loudly, about poo.