If the world’s a stage, then we are all magicians.

Call me a Creative Director or call me an Artist; call me a change-maker or a make-it-happener. The truth is, I don’t know what to call myself. And I don’t much mind, either.
What I am is an explorer, interested in, and excited by, this world of ours— past, present and future— and I am passionate about learning and sharing, discovering and cultivating.

There’s this cycle that occurs in my life (likely common to many that don’t know what to call themselves) and it usually begins with curiosity or discontentedness, before turning to discovery or frustration, and eventually developing into a deep need for action. Action, in my world, is creation. In an attempt to affect positive change, I create art, experiences, and magic, or I create spaces and support to help others share their art, experiences, and magic.

When I use the word ‘magic,’ I don’t mean the kind with a wand or a leggy assistant. I mean one’s own power to summon imagination or conjure change; the ability to incite inspiration and hope. That’s the thing that drives me the most— hope. Maybe it’s because I needed it when I was a kid, maybe it’s because I recognise the power of it now, but hope is what encourages my curiosities and discontentedness to be explored. Hope inspires creation, and creation inspires change.

What gives me hope is people and their stories; how our uniquely individual needs and desires often point to the fact that, ultimately, we are all very similar. Many people just have to reconnect to their magic in order to find their true essence. Just like hope begets change, magic begets possibility.

This is why I tend to create pieces that are strong in nostalgia and evoke childhood— to try to reconnect people with the magic of life, the magic of themselves, and to encourage them to imagine and inspire, to create change and hope.

My work comes from a minority perspective and sits in the section of escapism that allowed me to dream as a child. Hopefully it will do the same for other minority and 'underprivileged' kids.

I usually write and direct films, create and choreograph dance performances, take photographs, or write poems, though I prefer to use whichever platform or medium suits the case. I see the world as both the tools and the canvas.
I have won several awards for my work and have been programmed in top institutions like the MoMA NYC and Toronto International Film Festival for my films and the Royal Academy of Arts and the British Museum for dance. I have created Team GB through my dance school and have taken part in charity, climate, and community work.


INSTAGRAM @krysres


Places you can find me:
- In my studio, taking in the sounds of the city, building, making, doing, and figuring out how to help others do so as well.
- On a film set or in an edit suite, or in the depths of a creative process, focused on creating another piece to help educate through entertainment and experience.
- Behind the camera, taking photographs of modern-day women.
- In the dance studio, empowering women through ancient and modern movement.
- At a community or social event, bringing people together and encouraging her mini armies to pursue positive change in the world.
- With her loved ones, refueling.

Representation for Film/TV:
101 Finsbury Pavement
London EC2A 1RS
+44 (0) 20 7439 1456

Projects and Collaborations
krysten@gmail.com | London/Los Angeles/Anywhere